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ANTI-AGE Peptide complex NB - Beauty-Activity-Health

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Innovative line of funds for rejuvenation and recovery of the body, created in co-authorship with Russian superstar Nikolay Baskov. This is a unique development of Russian scientists, which has no analogues in the world. The most progressive anti-age technologies, embodying an integrated approach to the preservation of youth, beauty and energy. The Anti-AGE complex NB series consists of three products that activate the body's internal resources: facial serums with a fast visible lifting effect BEAUTY, energy concentrate and activator of collagen ACTIVITY, a multicomponent peptide preparation HEALTH.

Dear friends

Being a fan of a healthy lifestyle, being in love with beauty and sharing the ideas of active longevity, I decided to integrate my principles and priorities into the innovative Anti-AGE Complex NB. With this unique series, you will activate the program of your body’s youth and discover the perfect beauty without wrinkles. Especially valuable is the fact that all three anti-age products enable the body to restore its own resources by activating the natural processes of cell regeneration, forcing them to work to preserve your youth, beauty and energy.

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The Energy Star project embodies not only my philosophy of life, but also everyone’s dreams. I’m sure, the star anti-aging technologies in an elegant beauty case will help you execute the most ambitious plans and inspire you to achieve new heights in your life journey.

Sincerely your, Nikolay Baskov.

ANTI-AGE Peptide complex NB

Anti-age peptide complex NB (Nikolay Baskov)

Innovative product for rejuvenation and...

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BEAUTY (Anti-age peptide complex NB)

Antiglycating face serum BEAUTY against...

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ACTIVITY (Anti-age peptide complex NB)

Drink concentrate ACTIVITY replenishing...

70,00 €
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HEALTH (Anti-age peptide complex NB)

Multifunctional Age-Protector HEALTH is...

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