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OMEGA Fatty Acids of Plant Origin with IPH PEPTIDES

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OMEGA PEPTIDE complexes are innovative products on the nutraceutical market. The uniqueness of the products lies in the balanced composition of the constituent ingredients acting at the target-cellular level, which allows the products to maximize the effectiveness of a healing effect on the human body as a whole.

The product line consists of five OMEGA fatty acids with peptides:

OMEGA PEPTIDE IPH 3 - for the prevention of musculoskeletal system.

OMEGA PEPTIDE IPH 5 - to normalize weight and maintain a healthy structure (skin, hair, nails).

OMEGA PEPTIDE IPH 6 - to develop the functionality of the muscular system and improve overall health.

OMEGA PEPTIDE IPH 7 - for weight normalization.

OMEGA PEPTIDE IPH 9 - to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

In the composition of OMEGA PEPTIDE products, only high quality ecological biocomponents are used. No preservatives or thickeners.

Cold pressed oils produced in Tibet according to old recipes, manually using unique technologies for drying oils, without the use of high temperatures and evaporation. Thanks to these technologies, the integrity and high content of active ingredients are preserved in the substance as much as possible. The substance remains as close to nature as possible.

Active short peptides of targeted action IPH gently affect the cells of tissues and organs as geroprotectors, rejuvenating and restoring them.

Unsaturated (mono, di, tri) fatty acids are essential for metabolic processes in the human body. This category of triglycerides improves protein synthesis, the condition of cell membranes, and insulin sensitivity.

In order to achieve a healthy balance and normal metabolic function, it is recommended that the daily intake of fatty acids be observed while observing the diversity of the entire diet.

The advantage of OMEGA PEPTIDE IPH is that, unlike polyunsaturated fatty acids traditionally obtained from fish, the substance for IDEAL PHARMA PEPTIDE is made from plant components. They do not have specific odors, have high bioavailability (assimilability) and are a granulate.

Application OMEGA PEPTIDE IPH3, IPH5, IPH6, IPH7, IPH9 is advisable to use in a complex after past diseases of various nature. For the restoration and healing of systems and organs and the general condition of the human body.



PEPTIDE OMEGA 3 IPH AEN (fatty acids with short peptide)

The combination of fatty acids and the...

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PEPTIDE OMEGA 5 IPH AG (fatty acids with short peptide)

The combination of IPH AG peptide and...

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PEPTIDE OMEGA 6 IPH AGAA (fatty acids with short peptide)

Omega Peptide IPH 6 is a complex...

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PEPTIDE OMEGA 7 IPH AG (fatty acids with short peptide)

The combination of IPH AG peptide and...

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PEPTIDE OMEGA 9 IPH AVN (fatty acids with short peptide)

A unique biological food supplement...

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