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A series of anti-age cosmetics based on professional-level peptides


The range of REVILAB® EVOLUTION innovative products is aimed at providing a comprehensive solution of the problem of age-related skin changes. It combines all the best, relevant and progressive from the field of anti-age technologies. The powerful peptide substances used in combination with natural extracts contribute to effective and fast fight against aging.

Remodeling peptides, which improve the quality of the intercellular matrix, give skin care products new properties, in particular, they act as a physiological trigger for cell renewal. Today they can be found in cosmetics intended for the care of damaged skin (for example, after peeling and mesotherapy), photo-damaged and aging skin.

All REVILAB® EVOLUTION cosmetics are aimed at triggering the skin’s own restorative and protective potential in the way most similar to the natural regulation system. The main objectives of these advanced products are the following: remodeling of all the structures of the skin, eliminating imperfections and wrinkles, restoring the fresh and flawless look of the skin.

A new era in cosmetology began with the discovery of ultrashort peptides, which are molecules with targeted properties produced by biotechnological methods. After several years of clinical trials and laboratory studies, these highly active substances have been included into our new cosmetic products.

The cosmetic effect is boosted by the use of a combination of several highly active peptides with different properties and mechanisms of action. This is what was used in the development of REVILAB EVOLUTION No. 3 multifunctional creams, emulsions, and active revitalizers.

Due to the synergy of peptide complexes, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and plant extracts, revitalizers are able to provide the skin with prolonged hydration, create a powerful anti-stress effect, have regenerating and anti-inflammatory action. In addition, innovative products of REVILAB EVOLUTION No. 3 line have telomerase activity, which reduces the biological age of the skin.

As you know, each of us has a specific set of chromosomes, which are the source of all hereditary information. Each chromosome ends in telomeres, its protective blocks. When cells divide, telomeres gradually become shorter, and this becomes one of the main causes of biological aging.

Telomeres cannot restore themselves on their own, so there is an important enzyme called telomerase, which is able to restore them. It has been proven by scientific experiments that the peptides of the epiphysis are able to activate telomerase, which extends the life cycle of a cell by 40%, which means that our skin will remain young for a long time. New active revitalizers have exactly the effect that skin always needs: they restore its youth and radiance, its natural strength and vitality. In other words, they accomplish a feat protecting every inch of our skin from aging. And they win.

REVILAB EVOLUTION No. 5 concentrated serum line is a new word in the field of anti-age cosmetics. The most important parameter which makes serum products highly efficient is that their composition includes a complex of modern peptides with various action mechanisms. They trigger the processes of natural cell renewal, prevent the symptoms of premature aging, reduce age-related changes in the skin, improve its elasticity and appearance, moisturize and tone it. Their fast and, which is very important, prolonged effect can be a great alternative to injection therapy. Instead of having plastic surgery, these days you can opt for some gentler methods which help you cope with the age-related changes and restore your skin’s youth and beauty. One of the products that prove that is the anti-age serum against wrinkles. REVILAB EVOLUTION No. 7 is the flagship of the series, a modern premium skin reconstruction product. Its ingredients include lipopeptides, with a smart delivery system bringing molecules to the target cells. They are able to counteract the fundamental, genetically programmed factors of aging and eliminate the existing age-related changes.

Progeline™ Peptide ensures provides the comprehensive reshaping effect of the cosmetic product: it reduces sagging and wrinkles, improves the chin line. The skin becomes more elastic and dense, looks lifted.

Thus, by combining the most valuable and effective ingredients in an innovative formula, scientists managed to create a serum that counteracts all the signs of skin aging. You will be happy to see the fast action of REVILAB EVOLUTION No. 7 and impressed by the results of its application.

Peptide Cosmetics REVILAB

REVILAB peptide ultra-moisturizing serum

Ultra-moisturizing serum Nr.5 for face,...

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REVILAB peptide eye lift serum

Serum Nr.5 for skin around the eyes...

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REVILAB peptide lips lift serum

Serum Nr.5 for lips with peptides.

31,00 €
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REVILAB peptide anti-wrinkle serum

Anti-aging serum Nr.7 based...

63,00 €
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Face cream Nr.3 based on synthetic...

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Anti-aging filler with peptides for...

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REVILAB peptide men face cream M-REVITALIZER

Men active face revitalizer with...

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